Focused on making the web fast, readable, and usable. I enjoy building modular design systems and exploring new technologies that create great experiences on the web.



Front-End Developer, OldOvertonRetrievers.com2018
This site was built with my personal boilerplate Timber.

Front-End Developer, (2013)2013, 2018
This rewrite included a mobile-first, content-focused design including a CMS integration. The static pages were built using my personal boilerplate, Timber.

Web Developer, VBI2017
Unified Analytics API Documentation — Responsible for building a powerful, maintainable, and developer-friendly solution for generating API documentation. — Refactored the existing marketing website for increased performance, page load times, SEO gains, and to fix existing errors.

Web Developer, UX Architect, ISCS2015-2016
I worked closely with a small team responsible for maintaining/supporting existing codebases, transitioning consumer products from R&D to PROD, and completely rewriting all web apps focusing modularity and customization.

Customer Service Portal — Self-service portal which allows customers to report and track claims, request policy changes, make payments and view policy documents, all without agent or company intervention.

Home Quote Portal — A themeable, quick quote portal for home insurance policies. Built with AngularJS, PostCSS, and Bootstrap.

API Documentation — Dynamically generated API documentation from Swagger definitions to extend ISCS's SurePower Innovation. Built with LESS, Handlebars, and Gulp.

Freelance Web Development Self 2014—2015

Front-End Development, McLeod Software 2013
Customer Access Portal — The company's first web app which allowed customers to edit, view and create tickets, via our support site, in an internal database.

Relevant Skills

Semantic HTML, CSS (LESS/SASS/PostCSS), CSS Architecture, CSS Best Practices (BEM, Stylelint, etc.), Responsive/Mobile-First Design

Bootstrap, AngularJS, React, Git, NPM, Webpack, Gulp, Grunt, AJAX & JSON/XML, JS, jQuery, CMS (Wordpress/Jekyll/PHP), Liquid Templating, Handlebars, Pattern Lab, React Storybook


The University of Alabama 2005-2009
Major — Operations Management    Minor — Computer Science


Organizations & Groups