Web Development, Unified Analytics API Documentation(contracted)2017
This project is still a WIP (I'm currently working on a few projects as contract work at VBI), but my responsibilities include designing and building the static API documentation, branded for Unified Industry, from scratch.

Built using a fork of Slate where I ported it to node and added the following technologies: GulpJS, PostCSS, NPM, etc.. Additional features and improvements include:

Front-End Web Developer, UI Developer, ISCS2015-2016
I worked closely with a small team who transitioned multiple web apps from R&D to production. Responsibilities include: maintaining/supporting existing codebases, and introduced front-end standards, via best practices and technologies, to improve the quality, consistency, and maintainability of our base products.

Projects Customer Service Portal — Self-service portal which allows customers to report and track claims, request policy changes, make payments and view policy documents, all without agent or company intervention.

Home Quote Portal — A themeable, quick quote portal for home insurance policies. Built with AngularJS, PostCSS, and Bootstrap.

API Documentation — Dynamically generated API documentation from Swagger definitions to extend ISCS's SurePower Innovation. Built with LESS, Handlebars, and Gulp.

Freelance Web Designer & Developer, Self 2014—2015

Web Design & Development, Falcon Pro for Twitter (Version 1)2013, 2015
Responsible for the development of the website using responsive web design, HTML5, CSS3, and UI/UX design for mobile devices.

Front-End Development, McLeod Software 2013
Designed and developed the company's new Customer Access Portal which allowed customers to edit, view and create support tickets in our internal database via the support website. My main responsibilities on this project included developing the front-end logic/UI, deployment, and client support.

Customer Access Portal — An easy way for customers to check the status of any given ticket in McLeod's internal ticketing software. Built with AJAX and jQuery

Consulting, Web Design/Development, Manuscript Critique 2013
Responsible for redesigning and developing a responsive website optimized for performance and SEO from scratch.

Web Maintenance, Impact Alabama 2009
Met with the client to discuss current issues with their website, and discuss different solutions to the given problems. Also designed a new layout, which would provide a better UX for their rich media.

Relevant Skills

Semantic HTML, CSS (LESS/SASS/PostCSS), CSS Architecture, CSS Best Practices (BEM, Stylelint, etc.), Responsive/Mobile-First Design

Bootstrap, AngularJS, React, Git, NPM, Webpack, Gulp, Grunt, AJAX & JSON/XML, JS, jQuery, CMS (Wordpress/Jekyll/PHP), Liquid Templating, Handlebars, Pattern Lab, React Storybook


The University of Alabama 2005-2009
Major — Operations Management    Minor — Computer Science


JFF (Just For Fun) Projects

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