Introducing Flyne, a fast, fresh and simple way to stay up to date with your favorite News sources.

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Your Own News, Wherever You Go wtih Flyne

Your Own News, Wherever You Go

Try Flyne for free with a selection of Popular feeds, from Cooking to Video Games, there's topics for everyone! For more personalized feeds, Flyne Premium allows you to turn your Twitter feeds (Timeline and Lists) or Feedly categories into beautiful, offline magazines.

Innovative UI

— Drag the left edge to access all your feeds.

— Drag the right edge quickly to access any article within a feed.

— Swipe left or right to flick through articles, like a magazine.

Innovative UI with Easily Accessible Menus with Flyne
Flyne Offers You Multiple Themes for Your Viewing Pleasure

A Beautiful Reading Experience

Flyne turns any content from your feeds in a beautiful, mobile friendly, easy to read, article with full screen pictures. Forget about loading times, everything is available instantly and offline. Night and Day themes available for the most comfortable reading experience.

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Flyne App on Google Play Store