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CahabaHeights.Today collects local news from different sources around the web for the community of Cahaba Heights located in Vestavia Hills, a suburb of Birmingham, Alabama.

CahabaHeights.Today is extremely bare-bones as it sits today and is currently in development. I've had the website, as seen today, for a couple months and decided I'd upload for others to see/use even while I contintue to add new features and change things around.

This is a side project of mine that I started building after getting frustrated with Cahaba Height's, as a whole, web presence and my inability to find information re: local businesses online e.g. a local business's hours of operation. I have a list full of features I'd like to add. Here are a few ideas:

For more information about the website and, including future plans, please see this post from our community forum. If you have any suggestions and/or recommendations feel free to get in touch with me at Hello@CahabaHeights.Today.