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I'm a web designer & front-end developer located in Birmingham, AL.

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Web Designer & Front-End Web Developer

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I'm Wade Garrett, a freelance web designer and front-end developer from Birmingham, Alabama.

I build my website's from the ground up using the latest languages (HTML5, CSS3, and jQuery), techniques, and web technologies. Over the past few years I've shifted my focus towards responsive web design. So, what is responsive web design and why should you care? Responsive web design is an approach that attempts to respond to the user's device (desktop/smartphone/tablet), operating system, orientation, etc.. This approach allows the user to navigate and view a given website from any device clearly and easily.


Things I Like: Android, café, Call of Duty, fantasy football, lemon juice, sushi, the Tide (The University of Alabama Athletics), and traveling.

You can also check out my blog, built using Jekyll and Octopress. You can also check out my website on OnePageMania.com and FlatTrendz.com Top 10 Websites, or at OnePageLove.com, CSSWinner.com, and CSSReel.com where my website's been nominated. I'd like to thank each of you for posting my website.

Want to work together on an upcoming project? Get in touch with me.

EMAIL     wade@wadegarrett.com

PHONE     +1 205.568.6262


What I Do, What I Use, and How I Do It

We live in a mobile world full of exciting new products and services, many of which can be directly attributed to the high adoption rate of mobile devices, which has quickly become the fastest growing consumer-driven technology of all-time. With the increasing importance of mobile and your "web presence" it's critical for you and your company to be proactive and future-proof one of your most valuable assets — your website.

As I previously mentioned this approach of building an adaptable, fluid website is what we call responsive web design. To give you a visual and further stress the importance of responsive web design just take a look at the numbers:

The percentage of web traffic mobile was responsible for in the first quarter of 2011 was 4.5%. Just a year later, in 2012, you see that percentage jump to 13.14%. Jump forward to the first quarter of 2013 where mobile's responsible for 23.86%, but it doesn't end there. By the end of 2013 mobile is now responsible for 31.3% of all web traffic.

Okay enough talking — I'll show you. Below are two screenshots of everyone's favorite, newegg. The image on your left is your basic nonresponsive website. It's difficult to navigate and leaves a small margin for error if you're using a mobile device. The screenshot to the right is newegg's mobile website (these are actually two different website's all together) and is frowned upon by Google, but regardless you're provided a better experience if you're using a mobile device.

Amazon's Desktop Website via a LG Nexus 4 Amazon's Mobile Website via a LG Nexus 4

What I strive to do is build websites that provide your customers' the best possible user experience when they're viewing your website ‐ whether they're using a 3.5" smartphone or a 30" display. I'm not just building you a website, but also providing you a value-added service to help attract and retain new customers by giving them a enjoyable experience while viewing your website.


My workstation consists of a 15" MacBook Pro with a Black SeeThru SATIN case by Speck. To help save a little real estate on my desk my MBP sits in a mTower Stand by Rain Design Inc.. I've also just recently upgraded my MBP by adding 16GB (8GBx2) Crucial DDR3 1600MHz RAM, as well as a Crucial M500 240GB SSD. With the addition of an SSD I decided to replaced my optical drive (it's 2014 - who needs 'em?) by installing a 2nd HDD Hard Drive Caddy to house the original HDD that came with my MacBook Pro. The caddy that I purchased fits perfectly (despite some reviews on Amazon saying otherwise) and only cost $3.70 - that's basically free - and is significantly cheaper than the OptiBay SuperDrive that everyone recommends. Along side my MacBook Pro I use a two 24" Samsung LED display 27" YAMAKASI DS270 IPS display (2560x1440), Apple's Bluetooth Keyboard, and my irreplaceable Logitech MX518 optical mouse.

Testing is a critical process in RWD so I'll here are some of the most useful and beneficial tools I use to make my life a little easier: Screensiz.es, Viewport Resizer, an amazing bookmarklet for testing different view ports (screen sizes). However, sometimes you can't replace a physical device, in which case I use my Samsung Galaxy Nexus LG Nexus 4 LG Nexus 5 and ASUS Nexus 7 ASUS Nexus 7 (2013).


This website was built using Jaxob's framework, coded in Sublime Text 2 Sublime Text 3, along with fonts provided by Google Web Fonts. Other tools I couldn't live without when working on any of my web projects include: CodeKit, Adobe's Edge Inspect, Dropbox, LiveReload, Transmit 4, and lastly two apps that make local web development a breeze ‐ Hammer & Anvil built by the people over at RIOT Studios.

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